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Public Works Department
North Versailles Township Public Works Department provides services fundamental to the safety and the quality of living in our community. Many of these important services go unnoticed until the snow begins to fall and our roads are left with gaping potholes. The Public Works department goes far beyond plowing snow and repairing potholes within our neighborhood streets. The road department works intensely to keep our community's grasses cut and parks clean in the summertime.

Public Works employs one mechanic, one road foremen and about 10 road crew personnel. Mechanics maintain vehicles and equipment for the department and all other township vehicles.

General Services provided:
  • Road Maintenance/Repair
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance
  • Street Signs
  • Brush Removal
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Mowing & Landscaping
  • Parks Maintenance
North Versailles Township is home to seven parks and Public Works' personnel maintain play areas, equipment, shelters, fields, courts, buildings, and playgrounds. They go to great lengths to ensure that special events at the parks are well-planned, set up appropriately and monitored to safely welcome our residents and visitors to the area.

In early spring as our roadways dry out, the daunting task of repairing potholes can be seen in every community. While repairing them seems slower than we would like, many roadways are the responsibility of the County or the Commonwealth.
Commonwealth Roads
  • East Pittsburgh/McKeesport Blvd
  • First
  • Kline
  • McKee
  • Route 30 & Route 48
  • Washington
  • Westinghouse
County Roads
  • Greensburg Pike
  • Crooked Run
You can report dangerous potholes on Commonwealth roads at 412-781-3260 or 412-384-6161.

Allegheny County road department can be reached at the following phone numbers:

District 3: 412-793-3910 (Penn Hills)
District 4: 412-384-8700 (Lovedale Station)
District 8: 412-466-1263 ( East Pittsburgh-McKeesport Boulevard)
Streets/Signs: 724-444-8450

For Township roads, contact the Road Department at (412)823-6602 Ext. 115.
Please have as much detailed information as possible about your concerns for a specific location.